Haram City - Egypt

Orascom Housing Communities, 35.25% of which is owned by Orascom Hotels and Development, manages this line of business.  Launched in 2007 as the first of its kind in Egypt, Harram City’s award-winning model of affordable housing within a sustainable and fully integrated township encourages social responsibility and civil engagement.  Located in 6th of October, a satellite town 20 km west of Cairo, Harram City spans over approximately 2.60 million sqm of land and is now home to more than 40,000 residents.  As a truly integrated development, Harram City offers comprehensive community facilities including schools, clinics, worship houses, sporting amenities, a cinema, police station, nurseries and commercial outlets.  Beyond ensuring the town’s self-sustainability through employment opportunities in commercial and industrial sectors, the city hosts various projects designed to stimulate job creation and benefits the overall community as well as underprivileged segments. In order to improve the quality of education of the town students, the Group subsidizes four public schools such as Harram City Language School and Orascom Language School, making them more affordable for the enrolled students to learn English, German, and Arabic.