Andermatt - Switzerland

The Andermatt Swiss Alps development has transformed a traditional Swiss Alpine village into one of the best year-round destinations in Switzerland with some of the finest facilities.
With a total land bank of approximately 1.57 million sqm, Andermatt is 1,440m above sea level and is approximately 90 minutes by car from Zurich and 2 hours from Milan. Its central location gives excellent connections to major national and international transport routes. Every building in the Andermatt Swiss Alps development has been individually designed by one of over 30 selected Swiss and international architects to create a beautiful and eclectic appearance for the master-planned resort.
The designation of the village centre as a car-free zone generates a perfectly harmonious and peaceful environment, while plentiful underground parking spaces are provided for visitors and residents. Whether seeking an adrenaline rush on the slopes or relaxation in spectacular surroundings, all needs are catered for by the accommodation and sports facilities, ranging from an ecologically-sympathetic 18-hole golf course meeting international tournament standards and ideal for outdoor summer activities, to modernized ski facilities linking up with the neighboring ski area of Sedrun to form a 120 km ski domain.  Fully integrated infrastructure and state-of-the-art facilities have made the village the perfect location for cultural events and congresses.
The Group has a 49% interest in Andermatt Swiss Alps and remains committed to the project and will benefit from any future upside. In November 2015 ASA successfully sold bonds to the value of 50 million Swiss Francs, which has supported development as it has progressed.