Real Estate Agents – It is very important for us to develop multiple channels to ensure our presence in our target markets. As it is not economically wise to establish sales offices in all major cities around the world, it is part of our strategy to create strategic partnerships with select real estate agents. The key selection criteria for choosing a real estate agent include track record, number of years of experience the agent has in our target market, the tools and channels with which the agent approaches target buyers, annual turnover existing database, and how well the agent caters to our target market segment. In order to maintain long-term relationships with our business partners, we not only offer our agents standardized commissions, we also offer them an extra incentive scheme, where they receive a higher commission rate within a specific time span if their sales rates improve dramatically.  

Hotel Chains – Our goal is to build a long-tem relationship and partner with leading hotel management companies. We therefore carefully choose hotel chains with a track record and international presence. We have also initiated our own brands for some hotels within our towns. As majority stake owners in most of our hotels, we prefer to coordinate all the marketing activities to make sure our hotels as well as the destination as a whole are presented in a way we accept and which meets our guests' expectations.