Orascom sponsors social development causes through the Sawiris Foundation. The Foundation has funded 90 projects throughout Egypt in 20 governorates. Altogether, it has created jobs for approximately 21,000 individuals, including those who have received micro-credit loans, with total funding exceeding CHF 30 million. On the educational front, the Sawiris Foundation has provided 111 scholarships for Egyptians to pursue post-graduate studies, mainly in the UK, USA and Germany. Furthermore, the Foundation has provided 24 awards to honor literary works and screenplays. 

At Orascom Development, we aim to build living communities with a noticeable essence of the existing culture. This is reflected in our architectural designs that are inspired by the area's traditional structures, with a contemporary edge. We also make sure to bring local know-how on board our labor force by creating jobs for the local communities.