Coming across a location of such untapped beauty along with the unique landscape of the ocean, mountains and sand harmoniously co-existing; has contributed to the molding of Chbika’s architecture with the natural surroundings. Chbika is ideally located approximately 400 km south of Agadir directly in front of the Canary Island of Fuerteventura on the Atlantic Ocean, with a total land area of 15.0 million m2.

The master plan of the project reflects a modern oasis of harmony characterized by a western, Moroccan cultural blend. Home to world class hotels, mix of villas and apartments, atmospheric riads, and even customizable mansions in the Kosour neighborhood, Chbika, like all other Orascom Development signature towns, will feature state-of-art facilities including a marina, shops, dining outlets, as well as a medina-style handcraft center and a medical facility.

The project has been granted the status of new integrated tourism zone. The project company (Oued Chbika) has the right to acquire and transfer freehold title to the land area of approximately five million m2 (Phase 1) and approximately ten million m2 (Phase 2) subject to certain conditions, except for golf areas which will be subject to long term lease agreements. The project company has the right to transfer its rights under the development agreement subject to certain conditions.

According to the development agreement signed with the Moroccan government and in line with its vision of sustainable development and having scored the Chbika project in the Moroccan 2020 vision for sustainable tourism. We aim at developing a tourist dynamic engine of social and cultural development in the provinces of southern Morocco, incorporating local people.