The Group formally established Eco-Bos Development Ltd in May 2010 as a joint venture with Imerys, a multinational industrial minerals company, to develop a series of sustainable communities in Cornwall United Kingdom. The total land bank is over 6.54 million m² divided over 6 separate sites. The scheme was originally conceived as part of the UK Government’s Eco-town competition to promote the growth of sustainable communities and the innovative Eco-Bos proposals to regenerate land formerly used for minerals extraction and processing reflects the potential and aspirations of such “green” development initiatives.

The Eco-Bos proposals will offer a mixed portfolio of around 5,000 real estate dwellings across all market sectors along with associated retail and employment spaces. Leisure and recreation facilities are also planned with proposals for one ocean-facing site including a 5-star hotel and marina development. The company continues to work closely with the local authorities in order to secure planning and commence development for the first phase of these sites in the near future.

In addition, the management direction was to phase the West Carclaze land parcel and to actively seek collaboration with third party developers in order to further facilitate the progression of the project. In response to this initiative, Eco-Bos is in active negotiations with a number of the UK’s largest developers.