Byoum - Egypt

Tucked away in the heart of the beautiful Al Fayoum oasis is Byoum; a standout luxurious destination in the area. Ideally located, Byoum is 120 km away from bustling Cairo, making it the quintessential refuge. Al Fayoum Oasis is a depression in the desert immediately to the west of the Nile, south of Cairo.

Framing the compound of Byoum is a promenade, overlooking the pristine waters of Lake Qarun – one of the world’s oldest natural lakes – and a majestic natural protectorate on the opposite side. 

The development is built on 447,720 m2 of land encompassing a diverse range of real estate products including villas, twin villas, apartments and hotel apartments as well as a 4-star hotel. 

Byoum Lakeside Hotel is a 4 star hotel providing large Rooms and Suites, all overlooking Qarun lake and swimming pool. The hotel features a swimming pool overlooking the lake, a pool bar, and a restaurant. Byoum Lakeside Hotel is the perfect accommodation to explore the best sights around Al Fayoum and relax away from the city of Cairo. It is also a perfect spot to organize a wedding or a family getaway.